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This is where I put the spotlight on authors I think you would like to know more about. Here, you will find information and important links to those talented people I've had the good fortune to meet over the past few years.

Meet Robin Roughley

Robin is the creator of the well-known DS Lasser series. First in focus is the first in the series, The Needle House.

Sometimes the most picturesque of places can hide the cruellest killer.
Young Billy Jones comes from a notorious family of drunks and thieves. So, when he fails to return home it's hardly a surprise.
However, when mutilated remains are found it becomes apparent that a savage executioner is stalking the untamed windswept moorland that surround this northern town.
The clues lead DS Lasser directly to the poverty-stricken Radfield family who once owned great swathes of local land.
When another body is discovered, Lasser's convictions are thrown into turmoil. Someone is playing a vicious game, someone with a burning hatred for the Radfield family.
The body count rises and Lasser finds himself enmeshed in a tangled web of deceit as he tries to unravel the dark, twisted secrets that bind two families. Secrets stretching back over four decades, blackmail and murder reaching out to ensnare the innocent as well as the guilty.

Available through Amazon at http://amzn.eu/4jNc2Gq

Find out more through Robin's website at https://www.robinroughley.com/

Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/robin.roughley/

and Twitter at https://twitter.com/robroughley


 Three Book Deal agreed with Bloodhound Books.
I'm very pleased to announce that the Wakefield Series has been published by Bloodhound Books.

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